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TpT Orlando Conference 2016

I planned on attending this Conference for months of course starting with a discussion with my husband that didn't go very well. I had to try to not only convince myself that it was a good investment in growing my business, but I also had to "try" to convince my amazing husband.

When I told him I wanted to attend in January, he told me, " I don't think it's a good idea." I was devastated, because I knew in my heart I needed to take that jump and go ahead, but the reality is that I had been out of work by choice but still it was a sacrifice the family made in order for me to concentrate on building my shop. 

I decided to go ahead and purchase the conference tickets, despite my husband's hesitancy. I grabbed my discounted session and was going to worry about the rest later. As the months flew by, I realized I might want to buy my airline ticket and grab a hotel under the blocked off rooms but after calculating the costs with no roommate in sight, I knew that I would probably have to stay off site. 

I was hoping my husband would be on board and we could drive down to Orlando with the family and I would attend the Conference and then we'd enjoy a family vacation there, but we had just visited Disney Parks in Orlando last summer and the repeat trip didn't seem very feasible.  Then I thought about it again! I've never been on a solo trip before and I think I might enjoy the peace and quiet! Best decision ever!

Later that week, I asked on one of the fb groups that was designated for excited sellers attending the conference, if anyone needed a roomie? I got a response within in a couple of days, after stalking this lady I thought it might be a good idea. I was still extremely nervous about rooming with a total stranger even if we were on several fb tpt seller groups together. 

Grabbed some cheap tickets after waiting for months to see those $29 flights on Frontier or Spirit Airlines, I decided to go with Southwest so I can pack more stuff without worries of the dreadful baggage fees these cheaper airlines enjoy tacking on to their low advertised rates. 

On the last day before the trip, because sometimes I can procrastinate, I was price comparing tickets from airport and back, ( taxis, shuttle, renting a car, hitchhiking etc. ) I ran across someone who was willing to give rides from airport to Epcot surrounding hotel area for FREE! Luckily we were both arriving at the airport near the same time and again I didn't tell my husband I would be catching a ride with a stranger because well just because!

So I was all set and ready to go. I grabbed a couple of last minute buys at Hobby Lobby after seeing the cute buttons everyone was blasting across the fb and ig boards. I made my button the night before and packed it along with my shop shirt, some dresses, and tons of business cards I made a couple of months earlier using vista print. 

As we boarded the plane I was asked the lady next to me if she was a teacher ( thinking there should be some other teachers traveling to Orlando). Luckily, she was attending the conference as well and began to chit chat the entire 1 hour and ½ trip! It was so nice to meet you Amanda @ One Extra Degree ! 

The trip went better than I imagined. Everything kind of worked out perfectly! I absolutely enjoyed the ride to the hotel chatting it up with Brenda the Angel who gave me a ride to my hotel.

Later I met my Roomie Kathy @ Sunshine and Lollipops for the first time! She was absolutely amazing! We really hit it off and had a blast together! We all met up at the social and took a selfie! 

So many FB friends I finally got to meet in person! Hey Della @ Della Larsen's Class and Joy and Nichole @ Teaching with Team W and of course I couldn't forget the fabulous Tamara@ Mrs. Russel's Room

Kendwy @ Buggy For First Lisa @ Teaching the Stars and of Course Deanna Jump @ Mrs. Jump's Class 

The "unGroup" Kathy @ Sunshine and Lollipops! 

I met tons of new friends at the meet ups, socials, and even within the conference sessions. 
Hangin with these lovely ladies S.B. @ Autism Classroom & Bri @ Knowledge Mobile

it was such a pleasure getting to know y'all! 

Now so many sellers really went all out with their SWAG! I like BIG Buttons and I can not lie... LOL these ladies were so cute with their button SWAG! The bigger the better I always say!
This spectacular group of ladies my Laura and Lisa sisters and cousins win the award for the Biggest Button @ All Y'all Need!

I went to some great sessions! I loved Jenn Bengel's  @ Out of this World Literacy presented "How to turn a product into a Product line" & Angela Watson's presentation @ The Cornerstone on "Stay Relevant and Build a Long Term Brand."  One of my favorite sessions was " Together We Are Strong" with a panel of awesomeness including: Latoya @ Flying Into First , Amanda Richardson @ Mrs. Richardson's Class, Angela Griffith @ The Daily Alphabet, Jessica Tobin @ The Elementary Nest and Haley O'Connor @ My Silly Firsties!

I'm a huge fan of  Rachel Lynette @ Minds in Bloom  so I had to grab a selfie with her after one of the sessions!

Sherri @ Literary Sherri


  1. Amazing! I'm sure it was well worth the money (and worry). I hope to attend on day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks C teacher for stopping by! Yes it was great! I look forward to meeting you at the next one!

  2. Loved reading your post! It was great to meet you at the conference!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

    1. Thanks Princess got stopping by! So nice to meet you too!

  3. I can definitely tell you had the best time! You took some amazing pictures!! I loved all the happy people and feeling recharged and ready to make my store even greater! Start saving now for next year... because TpT conferences are a must!

  4. Glad you had a good time! It was not feasible for me to go financially. Maybe someday I will get to go. I guess I felt like by the time I got plane tickets, paid for the conference, bought new clothes (because I so would want to do that), and covered any other expenses that all my summer earnings in my store would be gone. Here's what I did instead: I paid for Laine Sutherland to do a branding package for me and it simply has been the best decision I have made for my store in the entire time I've been a seller. She did an amazing job and continues to help me through my learning curve. I'm still learning how to blog, handle my Facebook page, and market for my store. I know teachers who want their products to be "branded" with a certain look. I'm an art person and I like to design different covers but I am now including my logo on all my stuff and I'm working towards making PPT covers. I have basically had to learn everything from scratch so I'm sure I'm rough around the edges. I really appreciate you coming to visit my blog. Thank you so much!

  5. We had a blast...LOVE this POST! Brings me back to Orlando days...just wait until next year!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences from such an amazing event! I'm sorry we didn't get to chat much this year, but there's always next year! :)

  7. I would love to know what TPT FB seller groups you're active in- have been a seller for a year and never joined one!