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School Supplies (DEALLLLLLLLLS!!!!)

Okay I'm sure I'm not the only Shopaholic out here! But I realize I have an addiction. I should probably join a Teacher Shopping Addict group for this problem but I love finding and getting great deals. This summer I plan on hitting up all the great teacher stores and sharing with you AMAZING finds!

Today my target was OfficeDepot/Max whatever??? I've been stalking them for their penny sales and they have begun! Yes.... for one cent this week only while supplies last you can get 12 pack of pencils, cute little mini staplers, and colorful pencil boxes. They also have 25 cent deals where you can get crayola crayons,  highlighters pack of 5 and a couple of other steals! Check out the store ad here:

These are some of my great buys! I grabbed some pens for my high schooler who loves this brand for $1/each

I'm so excited I can't wait to stop by a couple of more times this week  today (lol) to grab a couple of more items. If you know of any great deals please feel free to share in comments below and check out tomorrow's post for more Awesomeness! 

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