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Flashback Friday!

This Friday I write with a broken heart! I'm saddened to hear about the countless murders that have occurred over the last couple of days. I'm sick and tired of living in fear in a country that claims to be "the land of the free"! I am trying to raise a son in a place where he is or will be looked at as a threat! It's way past time we move forward in this country and in many ways we have, but in so many other ways we continue to set our clocks back 300 years! I'm not a journalist or even a self proclaimed blogger, but I had to stop and write down and share my thoughts about this epidemic in our society.

Now I know that many of us enjoy sharing the memes and motivational posters, but this Friday I'm not in a laughing mood. I'm not in a cheerful mood. This is not funny! My eyes are puffy and I can't stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I'm angry! I'm frustrated! And I'm fed up!  Many of you may not be able to understand, relate or even think that it's not your problem.You may be shaking your head or even want to hop to another edublogger's blog because many don't understand the plight. This post is not written or intended to educate people of the plight of the black man but to share and communicate my story and demand that we all must do better and we must change.

I write this post to share the impact of such violence on our community and to share my feelings as a black woman trying to survive and keep my family alive in a dark time. This is how I choose to spend my Friday because it is way past time for a change! Enough is Enough!

My husband a military vet. He served 8 years as a marine. He is a hard working provider, engaged and committed father of two, and an amazing respectful, loving and caring husband. Now last year he applied for several jobs in law enforcement. I really didn't even want him to apply because of all the police officer bashing related to the police brutality across the country.  He decided to apply despite my concerns because he is a proud man that wanted to be able to provide health care for his family. Needless to say he was never offered any of the positions. He was disappointed, but that didn't stop him from continuing the job search and from landing an installation contractor job (with no benefits).

Even though, I'm not a fan of people I love, being put in harms way to serve, I understand law enforcement to be a good job for many people that choose to protect and serve.  I have family members and friends that are police officers and even if I didn't, I would still feel broken hearted for anyone who lost their lives due to gun violence.  It's extremely disappointing to see SOME people in blue walking the streets with hate in their hearts using their power not to protect the community in which they serve but to harm the people and kill the innocent.

I fear everyday when my husband leaves at the crack of dawn working his installation job 6 days a week, traveling the roads that he will not make it home to his family. I pray that everyday, he will not be stopped by police officers on back side roads to be beat up, arrested, or killed. I pray that when he visits the homes of those that may see him as a "threat" because he is tall and muscular and BLACK that they will treat him with respect, kindness, and not give in to these ridiculous misconceptions and unwarranted fears and harm him in any way.

I pray that my son can make it to become a man and have his own family one day. I pray that others won't demonize him but allow him the freedom that any man should have. I pray that he won't be labeled as a "thug" and perceived to be "angry" "irrational" "shady" "sketchy" or "violent".  I'm raising a young black boy on a battlefield and I'm scared!

This is how I plan on spending my Friday: reflecting, marching and loving the people that are still here but helping to make a difference for our future generation.

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  1. I love you friend, and my heart grieves for you and for all that has been lost this week. I am broken. Just devastated that this is what it has come to. This country can do better. My prayer is that tomorrow will be.
    Love to you...