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Summer Reading

Happy Summer to all the Teachers who are out and to those finishing up Hang In There! 
I'm a link-a-colic and this linky party is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! A blogger friend suggested I link up with Lucky to Be in First the other super edubloggers to share my summer reading plans! 

Zapp! In Education was one of the most memorable PD books I've read over the years!

I'm not a big reader, I love reading children's books, but not many professional development books rock my world! I do try to use the summers for continuing to grow in my profession. Iran across the book Word Nerds and well because as a self proclaimed word nerd I thought this might be an interesting read. I also live near Ron Clark Academy and his school has really been getting lots of buzz lately so I thought I should check out what he's getting "jiggy" about. My 18 years in education has all been in Title 1 schools with students in great need, so many of the books I have chosen to read this summer touch on improving academic achievement within challenging learning environments. 

The other series of books I chose are for pleasure reading. I love watching Game of Thrones and finally had a week binge watching session on NETFLIX and caught up on all episodes this past week, so I thought it might be interesting to compare the book to t.v. series. Has anyone out here read the complete GAME OF THRONES series? I would be interested in hearing your opinion. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my blog post! If you would like to link up your own summer reads or find out what other teachers may be reading this summer, head on over to Lucky to Be in First!


  1. Move Your Bus is so good! Anything by Ron Clark is really! I LOVED the Game of Throne books too! Good choices :) I want to read the Word Nerds books too, adding that to my list!

  2. Move Your Bus and Word Nerds is on my list too! Thanks for the great book list!
    Big Ideas for Little Hands

  3. Thanks for the great list...Move Your Bus is something I want to read even though I am retired!!