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Monday Made It!

I'm linking back up with Tara @ 4th Grade Frolics and the rest of the awesome edubloggers to share with you my MONDAY Made it!

I've had such a SPARK of creativity lately, as I prepare for my new classroom. I took a year off to do TpT full time and blog and be with my kids, now I'm back.

The shopping has begun! I've already spent so much time and money, I told myself no more school related buying until next month! But today I found myself shopping online for sales on bucket seats. Does online shopping count?

Here are some of Monday Made it creations:

I'm working on my first GROWING BUNDLE: So far these are the products it will include:
Check out some new resources ---> 
This will be my first 🌻GROWING BUNDLE🌻 coming soon.

I've also been busy working on updating my teacher toolbox from like 2012! I decided to attempt to paint it with some chalkboard paint we had hanging around the house. It turned out so nice, I was beaming with pride, until I attempted to put the drawers in and realized I had painted the thing upside down and all the sticky chalk paint had clumped on the bottom or (TOP). I should've bought some spray paint. I scraped it off as best as I could and this is what I finally came up with. It's so not perfect, and I really want to just throw it out but I worked so hard on these cute labels to go with it. If you want this freebie, click on the pic below.


  1. Those labels are BEAUTIFUL! I am gold glitter obsessed lately :D


  2. Jamilah,

    Sorry that your storage box did not turn out quite like you were hoping. I have always wanted one, but never purchased one (yet-lol). Your labels came out very nicely! I like that you used realistic graphics AND I love the glitter!!


  3. The labels are so adorable! I think this might be the year I jump into the Teacher Toolbox wagon!

    Primary On The Prowl

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  5. I know exactly how you feel...I am retired and I still find myself looking for materials for my classroom, which doesn't then I start to help my daughter get ready for her school year. She is a kindergarten teacher!!

  6. Love the toolbox idea!!!! I just bought all the materials this week to make mine. Can't wait!