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May Newsletter

The Countdown is on!  The school year is almost over! Don't let your students suffer from: 

Over the years I was always bewildered how last year data could be so far off from the new year!  Many students I could easily tell if they had read during the summer because they were significantly behind after summer vacation usually students will slip about a half a grade behind. Some students completely go back a complete grade! The Summer Slide is real and parents need to continue to encourage and provide learning opportunities for their children throughout the summer! 
School may be over but learning should never end!

 If you're thinking about sending home summer packets to help your students and parents please check out this newbie I created for my son who is moving on to 2nd grade next year! 

Another Great way to keep students actively learning during summer vacation is to incorporate CHOICE BOARDS: These summer choice boards are a great way for students to practice skills they've learned and have fun! 

 Click on Pic for your Summer Printables Freebie!

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