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Sensational Southern Teacher Soiree!

About Last Night.... This Teacher Meet-up was amazing! Thanks Rachel & Andrea for hosting such a great Teacher Meet-Up! 

Check out these beautiful shirts designed by PersonaliTees Boutique @ the Sensational Southern Soiree ( Teacher Meetup) last night! Her work is amazing! I can't wait to order another shirt! I think the coffee and laptop is cool but I don't drink coffee!(lol)

 I had a blast at our first annual #tptsouth meet-up & officially met some awesome bloggin teacherprenuers! I wish I could go to the TpT New York 10 Year Anniversary Meet-up next Saturday! But I'm looking forward to Orlando and meeting lots more wonderful educators from across the world! 🌏
Shout out to Shelly @ Pitch Publications, Mahogany @ Marvels of Third Grade  Kristen @ Teacher Learner Tania @ Teach Me T & Amy @ AmyHarris  Diana@ Mrs. D's Kindergarten Adventures

I was so lucky to have won this awesome apple orchard basket with tons of tasty treats! 

Great games food and people @ Mimi's Cafe in Georgia! 

I'm so looking forward to meeting so many more awesome teacherprenuers in Orlando, Fl this summer! 


  1. Replies
    1. Kristen we had a blast! I am so ready for Orlando this summer!

  2. Looks like it was a great time! I went to a meet-up in California in February and it really got me even more excited about Orlando! I love my TpT peeps!

    1. Kelly this was my first meetup and I really enjoyed meeting tons of awesome educators, bloggers and bussiness women! I'm from cali, are u in northern of southern cali? I saw pic from SoCal meetup a little while ago. I wil look for you in Orlando!

  3. It looks like you had so much fun! I'm also looking forward to this summer's conference in Orlando!