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Five For Friday!

Happy Friday Ya'll! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and the rest of the awesome educators to share with you my Five for Friday! 

This week the kids are on SPRING BREAK but it doesn't feel like it because we are stuck in GA! The weather has been beautiful but I miss the beach! I can't wait for summer vacation so we can get out of here and get some vitamin sea! 

Anyone else feel like this?

I'm excited about our Southern Meetup this month! I'm trying to finish my business cards and shirts. I keep getting distracted! What do you think? Do you know of any great sites that sell inexpensive quality business cards? Vistaprint used to be so much cheaper! These cards don't even have a backside and I used a coupon!  What do you think?

Well today after not being satisfied with my design not having a back, I found and I just finished designing my shirt & business cards I think I  will order (unless I find another company with better deals!):  

I've also been busy working on Mother's Day Printables
I love Ga! But I think I might apply for an AP position in Washington D.C.! Any teachers who live in D.C. I would love to hear about how educators are treated in your state. I believe it's time for a change for me! I wanted to wait until my daughter was finished with high school but it may happen a little sooner ( she's currently a sophomore) Advice would be greatly appreciated! 

#FlashbackFriday I miss teaching the wee ones! These kids are grown now #PreK2002! 

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 


  1. The cards and shirt look great! Love the gold with the black and white.

    1. Thanks! I love black and white! You should see my closet it's about all I wear!

  2. I'm never quite as excited about the beach as that dog, but I do love it. I'm in Connecticut, and driving to the nearest ocean beach takes about 45 minutes. The water's usually pretty darn cold though! Love the business cards and the shirt. They look great.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Thanks Jan! I wish I was 45 minutes to the ocean! I'm not so sure about moving to DC though because of all that cold weather! Ugh! I'm a Cali beach girl!