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April Favorite Things!

This April I'm linking up with Teaching Trio to share with you a Few of my Favorite Things! 

Okay my first crush this month is T-shirts! Lately I've been a little obsessed with T-shirts! I've ordered like 10 different shirts this month because well they speak to me! Does anyone else have this t-shirt fetish? 
I ordered one for my business and well honestly it's not as cute as some of the ones I've found online! My "business" shirt design is actually what has created this obsession lately with shirts. I ordered one from vista print and another raglan style from zazzle! 

But I saw these beautiful shirts designed by PersonaliTees Boutique @ the Sensational Southern Soiree ( Teacher Meetup) last night! Her work is beautiful! I can't wait to order another shirt!I think the coffee and laptop is cool but I don't drink coffee!(lol)

My second crush are the dollar bins at Target! Yessss! I spent like an hour last week just taking my time and looking at all the new great target finds! I love their graduation line of products! Did I mention black and white and gold are my favorite color combinations! Love these cute little target bags, the gold heart mug and I had to grab one of those planners!  

My third crush is the Sensational Southern Teacher Soiree! Thanks Rachel & Andrea for hosting such a great Teacher Meet-Up! I had a blast at our first annual #tptsouth meet-up & officially met some awesome bloggin teacherprenuers! I wish I could go to the TpT New York 10 Year Anniversary Meet-up next Saturday! But I'm looking forward to Orlando and meeting lots more wonderful educators from across the world! 🌏
Shout out to Shelly @ Pitch Publications, Mahogany @ Marvels of Third Grade  Kristen @ Teacher Learner Tania @ Teach Me T & Amy @ AmyHarris  Diana@ Mrs. D's Kindergarten Adventures


  1. I love your three favorite things post! I don't have a "business" shirt yet, but you just inspired me to create/order one. Yes, the Dollar Spot at Target gets me into a great deal of trouble. LOL I saw those bags, but made myself put them back. Now, of course, I wish that I had purchased them! My local Target did NOT have those cut gold, heart mugs. Love! The Meet Up was fantastic! : ) Rachel and Andrea did an amazing job! It was so nice to meet everyone for the first time. I love the collage of memories that you created. Southern TpTers Unite!! <3

    Tania a.k.a Teach Me T

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tania! I hate how Target has different stuff at different locations! I also really enjoyed the meet- up! I'm about to start planning another giveaway soon and I would love for you to be a part of it! Southern TpTer's Unite!!!!!!!