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TpT Teacher Tips from a Newbie!

Today I'm linking up with Mrs. Beattie's Classroom to share with you my Teacher Tips for Tuesday!
Though I do not have much experience compared to the tons of amazing TpT pros out here with tons of followers, I will share with you what I learned so that YOU won't make the same mistakes I did.

Tip #1 : Pay for the Premium Seller Account
It will definitely be worth it! I have been "selling" on TpT since 2013 but didn't become a premium seller until 2014!

Go ahead and sign up, you won't regret it! I'm kicking myself for not doing so earlier, I played buyer "seller" and  uploaded a couple of items I used already in my class and shared with my teammates. I was making sales & was so happy that someone would even buy my product I didn't realize I was giving my money away. I thought of it like sharing with tons of teachers across the country.

I didn't become a premium seller until 2014 and still I was happy with making enough to pay off the premium and have some extra shopping money. I didn't realize that this could be my career until summer 2015. I quit my teaching job with over 18 years of experience and decided to work full-time as a tpt/ blogger/ consultant!  I've truly only been seriously working at this for the last four months & my store has truly taken off! I'm so happy I took that leap! I still have lots to learn but one thing I hope any new TpT authors get from this post is to start your Premium Store today so you can make more money (85% goes to you)!  You can use my referral code if you like:

Tip#2: Price your items right! Be fair to yourself. Create quality products and price them at fair value price. 10 cent a page is the suggested pricing guide. Don't be like me and price based on teacher salaries. We don't make a ton of money but what is your time worth to you?  Schools are now purchasing with school funding so don't think about the individual teacher salaries, plan bigger. This is an area I'm working on because My store should be called the $dollar teacher deal store for years everything was only a dollar! This year I began to create holiday/ seasonal items and actually have added a couple of bundled items as well!

Tip #3: Put in the work! Work hard and smart! A new seller recently asked me "how long did it take you to create so many products?" Plan out your products! I use a system that works for me, but create your system and plan out the products you will create. You can see a sample planner I use for my daily creative work HERE.

Tip #4: Begin to network with other teachers! This can be very time consuming but you must invest in your store. Create a Blog, join Facebook groups with your like minded teachers, Join collaborative board on Pinterest, Follow other educators on; Instagram, Periscope, SnapChat, Twitter, and don't forget to stop by the TpT forum to chit chat with other TpTers that have a plethora of knowledge to share. These are all great avenues to connect with other educators locally, across the country, and worldwide!

Tip # 5- Link your products! I recently created a tutorial on how to link products in just a couple of easy steps! You want to make sure you link items that are related so your buyers can easily jump to purchase related products. Be sure to add the links in your product description and also try to add related items into your post page(s) of your product being sold.

Tip# 6- Use PowerPoint or Keynote to design your products. I started using word and pages but found that powerpoint was so much easier to create, links, send document to images, copy pages, easy exporting to secure pdf, duplicate products, add in pages etc. I ONLY use Keynote now to design my products and have even begun to copy my products originally created on Pages to upload them to Keynote.

Tip #7- Become familiar with your TpT store! Invest time in understanding the dashboard, how to post, add banners, change the quote area etc. If you aren't as computer savvy or don't have much time to do this pay someone to do it for you. Treat your store as if it is a brick and mortar shop. Update banners and products to make them more appealing for buyers. Create product covers that are visually appealing! You can check out my design options for TpT stores HERE.

Tip # 8- Keep up with new trends and stay up to date on educational changes not just locally but across the nation and worldwide.

Tip #9 - Try to focus on what you bring to the table! Come up with a short philosophy that will allow you to discover your nitch! We all have that thing that we are passionate about your products should reflect it. Search for trends within your products. I didn't realize that most of my products were research related products for awhile until I sat down to think about what makes my store different from other stores. I created products that I felt were missing in our school curriculum. What is your nitch? What do you offer to the TpT buyer that they can't get from another store?

Tip #10- Be Patient! Enjoy the little success! Celebrate the mini milestones. Try to take time to make your store the best it can be and the followers, purchases, and feedback will come!


  1. I totally agree! I see so many new sellers who worry about followers, feedback, and sales when they have just begun selling. It takes time to get going, and patience is the key. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up, Tidy Teacher! You've got some good tips here! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. I don't see my link up on your page! Is it waiting for your approval?

    2. Yes, it was, although I don't have link moderation set up. A glitch perhaps? It is showing up now... :)