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Sunday Scoop

Phew! I had a very difficult weekend. But I love blogging it takes my mind off of my troubles. So today I'm linking up again with Teaching Trio to share with you my Sunday Scoop!

I was hoping to take a trip to Cali before my grandma passed away but didn't make it. So now I'm trying to plan a spare of the moment trip across the country for the funeral. 
Maybe my tax refund can help with the dent in my pocket from this trip! 

I'm also needing to update my resume because I've been job hunting again! Looking for a job that allows me to stay at home. Fingers are still crossed on booking TpT Conference they extended the early registration date to next week! Does anyone need a roommate?
The weather was so nice this weekend! It really felt great watching my son play soccer at his first game of the season. It had been raining so much here in Ga that his first two soccer practices were cancelled but they played well and won their first game! Woohoo!

Thanks for stopping by and if you want to link up to share your Sunday Scoop, head on over to  Teaching Trio !

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