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Sunday Scoop!

Today I'm linking up with Teaching Trio to share with you my Sunday Scoop! I've been busy planning... and haven't hit up my regular linky parties ☹️ but I had to stop by and say a quick "HELLO!"

Many thanks to the teachers who are supporting my #SuperLeap Blog Launch Giveaway starting tomorrow, RIGHT HERE! Please feel free to share, pin, or shout out this post! Thanks in advanced!

Have you ever been sick? But you took so much cold medicine (daytime) that you feel full of energy yet your body is yelling at you to "GET SOME REST!" The fight is going on right now with me. It's midnight been up since 5:30am on a weekend and I'm wide awake (but sleepy at the same d**n time)! So either this blog post will be the best one yet, or I'll read if tomorrow & smh!

Oh so much to do... so much to do! I should probably do a periscope post right now just to show you how all over the place I am but I don't feel like putting on clothes! Yeah I said periscope! I've started trying it out just a bit and well my teenage daughter wants to inform me that I can't make up verbs. Because I'm always questioning her like  " hey who are you snapchatting today?" So I guess I can't say that I was periscoping yesterday... Anyhow back to my Sunday Scoop!

Yay! Tomorrow is my #SuperLeap Blog Launch Giveaway but for today who am I kidding...I just need to rest. No shopping for comforters and I probably should cross out cooking Sunday Dinner! I don't think I should be in anyones kitchen right now! Oh well I might as well X out my entire Sunday! I'm down for the count y'all! 
Stop by next week and check me out! 
Thanks for stopping by! If you want to share your Sunday Scoop head over to Teaching Trio and link up! 


  1. Just watched my son play his last game of the season today, too! Now... onto baseball season. That is his favorite! I loved finishing my STEM Easter Pack just in time for spring, but still need to finish a spring pack, too. Good luck on your blog launch!

    Renee from The Science School Yard

  2. Thanks! I would love for you to stop by next week! Baseball moms have it the worse ( smh)! Wow! My son is on to soccer! Have an awesome week and congrats on finishing you Easter Pack! I can't wait to stop by your store!