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Spark Saturdays!

I love linking up with Joanne at Head over Heels for Teaching because she never disappoints with all the cool ways she continues to share motivating her class. I'm excited to share with ya'll today how I get my students motivated and involved in their own learning! 

I love centers in my class and one of my favorite things about centers is planning them and organizing them seamlessly. These are a couple of my tips for running centers in your classroom.

1. Be prepared ( make copies, gather supplies, materials and have them ready for the students)! I love for the kids to use tidy tubs to keep their areas nice and tidy. You can download my FREE tidy tubs here!

2. Assign center leaders ( they are responsible for each center, preparation, cleaning, they are the "go to" person designated to help others when you are working in small group)

3. Practice the rotations, use a chart and go over it "fake center rotation practice" is what we do before we actively work in centers!
4. Provide clear instructions and directions for each center! I love to use center choice boards to go along with my center menus!

5. Use music to transition through centers and in and out of them ( this saves so much time!)

You can set your desktop or laptop to play automatically at a certain time each day and students can learn certain songs mean to do certain things. For instance, if you play "peanut butter jelly" then the class lines up for lunch! I blogged about how to do this here.

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  1. Your centers seem very organized and fun! I bet the lanyards are motivating for students to be the experts! :) I can't wait to look at your post about setting your desktop to play different music at different times. And, I hope you blog about how to make your product gifs-super cool! Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I love the Ask Me lanyard, I think I will be giving that a try in the very near future, thanks for sharing.