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Show me the funny!

Today I'm linking up with Little Smarticle Particles to share with you my teacher funny!

Just after finishing a lesson on area in math ( which I would consider to be one of my interesting hands on lessons)  I ask, "are there any questions before we break off into centers?" I look around and everyone seems to be excited and ready to show me and practice what they have learned. Then I see a hand go up! Now this student has been known for her imagination and colorful answers but this one I was not ready for. The student raised her hand and said: "Look at my new glittery shoes!" SMH! breathe! ... THAT'S NOT A QUESTION!

I ♥️ comments!


  1. Hi Jamila! Thanks for linking up!! Don't you just love those kind of comments? My favorites are the ones where kiddos ask me out of the blue how old I am, or in the middle of something terribly important they want to know if it is lunchtime!

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks Karen for hosting this great linky party! Enjoy the rest of your short week! I look forward to linking up next month!

  3. Ack! It's good to laugh about comments like that, but I don't usually feel like laughing at the time!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. No me neither... I usually have to count to 3! Then respond or my top will blow! Thanks for stopping by. I'm headed over to your blog!