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I Love Reading!

Today I'm linking up with Busy Bee's Activities to share with you some of my favorite books to read in February! 

I always love a good reason to share some great books & related teacher created products! 

Today my son had an appointment to read with "Sophie" a dog that comes monthly to visit our public library. My son has no pets and loves getting a chance to read to a dog.

He read the book Frederick's Journey.   This picture book about the life of Frederick Douglass was written by Doreen Rapport and illustrated by London Ladd.  My son really enjoyed the beautiful illustrations, they truly captured the life of Frederick Douglass and told a story of their own. I also enjoyed this book and look forward to reading other picture books capturing the lives of Historical Figures by this author. I'm a new fan of Doreen Rapport!


I have created some awesome Frederick Douglass resources that would accompany this book and add to your Black History Resources nicely.
Frederick Douglass Research Hunt
Frederick Douglass Timeline
Frederick Douglass Brochure
Frederick Douglass Vocabulary ( FREEBIE)

This book is a great chapter book that explores the life of Mary McLeod Bethune. Written by Milton Meltzer this is one of my favorite written about this incredible lady!
You may also enjoy these products:
Mary McLeod Bethune Pebble Go Research Hunt
Mary McLeod Bethune Multiplication
Mary McCleod Bethune Brochure
Freebie Mary McLeod Bethune Vocabulary

Thanks for stopping by and please leave my blog some luv! If you would like to link up with your favorite books, head on over to Busy Bee's Activities!


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  2. I am IN LOVE with your blog design!! And thanks for the wonderful book ideas--It's hard to find good books on this topics for the primary grades.