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Currently: February!

I'm linking up with Farley and my other teacher friends on this snowy morning to share with you my Currently for February!

I really enjoyed Coldplay's performance during Super Bowl! It's funny, because I normally don't give a hoot about the actual game my focus is usually on the snacks and the commercials, but this game was great! I don't really follow football so I wasn't going for any team but it was a very exciting game! 
I think I ate too many cupcakes and devoured too many snacks this Super Bowl! I was working out so hard yesterday my knee went out! So hopefully I can nurse back in shape before my Zumba class tomorrow. So I decided to add another day to my workout schedule and try for 5 days a week! 
So it's snowing today and I'm so excited about our little Winter Break this week! I get to wrap up high in my "cubba" and enjoy Netflix and deep couch sitting! My daughter says she's gonna buy me another cover but I told her I had this one since college! She said that's why its time to get a NEW one! My dh keeps saying the same thing but I'm sure if any other blanket can be as good a this one has been to me! (lol)

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  1. I also ate too many super bowl snacks! I changed my blog address. Visit mine here.