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Coffee Shop Conversations!

Happy Friday! I don't drink coffee but I think this Family Friendship and Faith Fridays link-up    is perfect for me to share some of my family situations! My kids are off on a week break from school. Wednesday they had a ½ day and return next Tuesday! Weird.... yes to have two weeks disrupted but this school district is just like that weird. I don't know if they think about the parents at all! I'm just excited to be able to spend some quality time with my family!

It's been strange lately, quality time has changed in our household and I'm not sure if I like it. We all have devices and we all spend quite a bit of our time on our devices. I have to force the "quality" time  by creating at least two "Power Off" times for us all to bond in a non technological way. Face time instead of Screen Time!

I've never been a fan of lots of t.v. watching and we have limited the number of televisions we have over the years purposefully to just one television in the living room to force the "family bonding"! But now that my kids are old enough to have their own devices my teenage daughter "watches" lots of youtube videos and hardly ever watches television anymore and my son "watches" tons of Netflix cartoons. I can't blame them because I'm always on some kind of social media or playing Candy Crush on my iPad.

But I still think that the kids are losing the social interaction skills they develop when communicating face to face. My daughter gets so annoyed but when she comes home from school each day I say " lemme see your eyes!" I just want to find the right balance to where it's not a daily fight to get them to spend time away from their social lives.

Personally, I don't think technology will ever go away, but we have to set those perimeters and moderate the usage! As an educator, I have noticed a drastic change in this "app generation" and I'm little concerned about the future generation!

I would love to hear any other parents ideas of how you help create "quality" face time. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I ♥️ comments!


  1. I like your facetime, screentime pic. It reminds me of one holiday after eating. All were sitting around on their devices.

  2. It's a difficult balance for sure! Good line- "let me see your eyes." Might have to use that one soon! (= Love your blog! Carrie