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Book Talk Thursday!

Today I'm linking up with Andrea again at Reading Toward the Stars!

I love her weekly linky party!

Let me just say my son is in the first grade and though he is a great reader, it  has always been a struggle for him to WANT to read books. But lately he's been really into these chapter books! I guess it makes him feel "older"! We visit the library weekly and this week he found some more of his favorites from Dav Pilkey & Martin Ontiveros: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Adventures series! These chapter books are not your "grandma's" chapter books, they have tons of great colorful pictures and some pages are in comic book format! 

I love that he "wants" to read now! He's also into the Flat Stanley series books. Yesterday he was reading one of them and said, "tomorrow when we go to the library, I want to get some REAL Flat Stanley books, because in this book he's not FLAT!"

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If you have some great books you'd like to share, then head on over to Reading Toward the Stars and link on up! 

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up so often! I love the Mighty Robot books, and so do many of our boys. They check those out of the library every week to read. My son was the same way with reading until he found what he wanted to read. Now that he is in middle school, I have to tell him to go read. When he does, he can't stop. Keep finding good books for him and encourage him to read. He will thank for it later!