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Tidy Tip Tuesday: Packing Tips!

Well it's that time of the week again...... Tidy Tip Tuesday! Today I will share with you my tips for packing for a much needed vacation.

So I'm on countdown mode to my vacation to Turks & Caicos and thought I'd share with all y'all some of my tidy packing tips this Tuesday.

If you are like this

and want to be like this     

Then read these easy 5 tips to help you pack for your next dream vacation. 

1.Check the Weather- This may seem obvious, but you want to make sure you are packing the right clothes for your trip. Most times nights are cooler than the days, so be sure to pack a shawl, sweater or light jacket for the colder nights. 
2. Know the baggage fee policy- most airlines allow you to check one free bag. Spirit airlines requires you to pay. So before you begin packing, make sure you look at your airline's baggage policy. 
3. Pick your outfits- Try to pick the outfit you will wear each time of the day. Make a list of your wardrobe items and see if you can mix and match pieces for multiple excursions. It might be easier to match solids. Shoes for women probably are the most space taking items. Think about packing outfits that you can wear that go with your one or two pair of shoes and pack flat sandals. These lay perfectly flat on the bottom of the suitcase and don't take up much space. 
4. Roll your clothes- YES! you can get more items in your suitcase when you tightly roll each item to maximize on every inch of space. 
5. Ziploc Bags- Use baggies to pack your swimsuits, under garments and jewelry. If you have small traveling bags these are even better. Don't forget to pack lotion, gels, shampoos, bug spray, sun block and other traveling necessities in small traveling containers and then place in a ziploc bag!
If you have any additional tips for traveling, please leave them in the comments or join in and link with me below. 
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