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Five For Friday!

Yay! Today is Friday! It's raining ....but I don't even care because it's a 3 day weekend. 
So today I'm screaming "Happy Friday!" Oh yeah and I'm linking up with DoodleBugsTeaching to share with you my 5 for Friday! 


Check out this FREE Pennant
It's a fun, easy and quick activity you can do with all school ages to celebrate 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday! 

Check out this cute video!
BrainPop Video:
Our Friend Martin are also great video resources!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog! I luv comments!
Enjoy your 3 Day Weekend!


  1. Your blog is so lush! The design is amazing, I'm literally in love with it! Enjoy your 3 day weekend - so jealous! Congratulations on reaching 200 followers, I love reaching follower milestones it's so exciting! :)

    Teaching Autism

  2. Thanks for sharing the MLK books and videos. Happy weekend! Melissa