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Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!  So  I am so excited to share with you my Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Finally, I'm headed out to Turks & Caicos! It's my sister's birthday and we are leaving this cold weather! 

My Twinster and I are only 18 months apart and we have always been pretty much inseparable since she was born. We grew up in Cali and separated for a couple of years in college. She went to college in Florida and I Georgia. Then after finishing college she moved to Georgia. We even bought houses 10 houses apart in the same subdivision. We were pregnant at the same time and our kids are 3 months apart! I love my Twinster! SCREAMING -HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
OMG I was so ready to leave out today!

So soccer season is over and it's now time for an indoor sport! YESSSSS! I can't wait for my son's basketball season to begin. I think I may be a tad bit more excited than he is. 

You might be wondering: What to do with these left over candy canes? about a fun candy cane science experiment! 
Another idea is for students to create tasty candy cane poems and enjoy a treat at the same time! 

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Thanks for stopping by my blog! Leave me some blog luv and join the party with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share your FIVE for Friday! 

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