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What Are You Reading?

This Monday I'm linking up with Focused in Fifth to share with you what I'm reading! 

I absolutely love Gingerbread Books during this time of the month. We read all these great books and add these fun math and Literacy activities to add spice to our homework & center activities. 
Then on the last day of the week, or the day of our party we design gingerbread houses. 

Students plan, design and create their Gingerbread Houses and buy their materials!

Parent volunteers are key to the success of a great Gingerbread House Making Project! 

Teachers and students have been making them for years 
but if you would like a step by set here you go!

I make mine with Milk cartons. So earlier in the week I ask the students to bring back their milk cartons from the cafeteria. I rinse them out and dry them for a couple of days. 
Next, I hot glue the cartons onto a sturdy heavy duty paper plate in preparation for the day of Gingerbread Making. 

Here is a list of items you may need: 

  • Graham Crackers
  • Cans of frosting
  • Lots of Candy

Steps to making your Gingerbread Houses: 

  1. Place the graham crackers around the milk carton.
  2. Create a roof anyway you like. 
  3. Use lots of frosting as glue to hold your crackers to the carton. 
  4. Cover any cracks where graham crackers meet with more frosting
  5. Add colorful candies to make it your own special house!
I prefer they take them home to enjoy! One year I found these perfect gift boxes but if you are on a budget like most of us then large plastic bags also can work to cover them as they travel home. 

Check out these other great Gingerbread Treats to add to the fun! 

What are you reading? You can link up and share your ideas, or check out other great books @Focused in Fifth
Thanks for stopping by! 
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