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Tidy Tip Tuesday!

Well it's that time of the week again...... Tidy Tip Tuesday! Today I will share with you 5 tips to keeping your classroom nice and tidy and ways to get those little ones involved in the process too!

1. Color Code :  I try to color code everything! It's a proven system that our eyes register meaning with colors. So why not try it. One of my favorite color coded products is the scissor container I purchased a couple of years back. See it here> 
2. Keep an Up-to-Date Calendar: Not just for you as a teacher, but for the class too! I try to up date my calendar with birthdays, and I also keep a list of projects, homework due dates and important info near the calendar. I change it as part of my clean up routine. So right now it's already updated to January for when the students return. I have a calendar job and the kids enjoy updating it daily!
3. Wipe Down Desks & Furniture: Try to wipe down at least once a week. During this time of the year with weather changes, kids bring all kind of germs. Wipe everything down with Clorox bleach and encourage kids to wash their hands not just use sanitizer. Again my students wipe their own desks down on Fridays! They love it! 
4. End of the Day Routines are Key: My goal is to encourage students to become independent and responsible. We all sign a class compact at the beginning of the year and review job and students responsibilities. The students are responsible for keeping a "tidy" classroom! We all must do our part to help keep our classroom clean. They organize their desks or work areas daily and have become accustomed to do so. 
5. Use your wall space carefully: Classrooms can often seem very cluttered and unorganized if the walls are covered with student work and anchor charts from ceiling to floor. So take some time to organize and plan what you will place on the walls. Designate a wall for one subject area and place only anchor charts and student work related to that subject area on the wall. Use borders if you don't have a bulletin board to keep work in one area. 
I hope you enjoyed these 5 Tidy Tips for Teachers! Please share any additional tips for tidying the classroom in the comment section below or link up! Happy Tidying!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I've noticed we participate in a lot of the same linkys! I'd love if you'd link up to share your three favorite posts from 2015-- It's my first time hosting and I'm a little nervous!

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