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Tidy Tip Tuesday!

Yes, it's that time again! Tidy Tip Tuesday Time! It's December and I'm excited to share with you my Tidy Tip this 2nd week of the month. So one of my Teacher Tips for organization is NOTEBOOKS! yes this one may seem so simple but it was a game changer for my class. I began to use notebooks about 7 years ago and I would definitely recommend that if you are not already using them then try them out. Over the last 4 or 5 years they became known as Interactive Notebooks.

I went from loose papers to folders then I went to a workshop some years ago and they shared their interactive notebooks I was like "of course" Why didn't I think of that? So with our school district purchasing less student workbooks I needed to discover a new way to keep all students' work. I used folders, binders and even those dreadful ringed notebooks but I have found that composition books work best for me. I try to get tons on sale over the summer or at Kids in Need in our city because I teach at a Title 1 school I can pick up a class set for free. 

I laminate a nice colored subject cover for the front and attach so I can write their names and change if students leave (high turnover rate). I use different colors for each subject notebook.
I create an anchor chart like the one posted below and go over a power point to teach the students each year how to use them appropriately. 

 We don't use desks ( as mentioned in another TidyTipTuesday post) so I like to store them in containers easily accessible for each group. The students pull them out for conferences and show their parents how hard they've been working. If your interested in how I grade my notebooks, look for an upcoming post called How I Grade My Interactive Notebooks.  I hope you found this Tidy Tip to be useful in your classroom! If you have a Tidy Tip you would like to share please link up every Tuesday for #TidyTipTuesday!
Thanks for stopping by. 

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