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Tidy Tip Tuesday: Holiday Edition

Good Morning All! I'm Tidy Teacher with your Tidy Tip for the Holiday Season.

I'm so excited again this week to share with you my Tidy Tips! This week we will be doing things a little differently! Well still no real rules to this link up party just add a Tidy Tip related to the Holidays! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

So this week's tidy tip is to get all your materials organized for the 1st week after break NOW! Yes, now is the perfect time to get your things organized, copied, laminated etc. I know from experience the day back from break teachers are lined up on the copy machines because they were simply counting down the days to break! Then the panic hits you as you realize I relaxed all vacation and now what will my students do?

This will also be a great time to reteach your class rules. They probably forgot during the 2 week vacations how to line up, raise hand, rotate centers etc.

So I hope this Tidy Tip helps you for 2016! Remember plan ahead and beat the last minute copy rush. If you are looking for some great Holiday Fun Packs to print for Homework during break or to prepare for when you return for a sub or for centers, check these fun packs out!

I can't wait for you to share your holiday tidy tips. Simply grab the button and link back to my blog.

Winter Fun Pack ( 3rd grade)

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