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Sunday Scoop!

Today I'm posting my late Sunday Scoop with Teaching Trio !

Okay I'm late on the Sunday Scoop but doesn't everyday feel like Sunday on Winter Break? So I'm trying not to feel guilty sleeping in during the break. Doing laundry makes me feel like I'm not so lazy and working out ( Zumba dancing) is my attempt to validate all the holiday treats I've indulged.

I can't wait to my vacation I'm almost in countdown mode! Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D has caught my attention this break on Netflix. I watched the first two seasons and now I'm almost caught on the current season! YESSSSS!

I haven't really haven't  used as much of my time as I would've liked to work on tpt products but I did update my store. Check it out: My STORE

Thanks for stopping by to check in with me this week. I look forward to reading your Sunday Scoop with Teaching Trio !

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