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My Sunday Scoop!

This Sunday I'm excited to link up with Teaching Trio to share with you my Sunday Scoop!

Today I scheduled family pictures so we can send out our holiday cards! I always get so excited when I schedule them but my teenage daughter and dh are such Debbie Downers! I just want to cancel it, if y'all are not gonna be as excited as I am. 
So maybe I can cheer up by cooking my favorite Shrimp & Broccoli Alfredo or by color coding my closet once again. I get happy when I "tidy"! 

My niece and nephew are coming down for a visit. I can't wait to play Charades or HEADS UP! I play with my students at school and they love it. You can download the app for free! 
Great game for all ages. 

I'm also continuing to look for ways to give back to others. I came across this video and it brought tears to my eyes. I don't have much but more than others.  I want to research more ways and opportunities for my kids and I to help others. 

This year we knitted small hats for preemies and donated them to our Grady Hospital for the NICU unit. My son was born at 29 weeks and stayed in NICU for almost 2 months. I'm excited to give back to others especially kids and more importantly provide opportunities for young people to give back as well. 

I get happy when I can find time to blog and create products for teachers! Thanks for stopping by to check out my Sunday Scoop! Check in with Teaching Trio to share your Sunday Scoop! Have a great week! 


  1. Lol at the picture taking...I hate having my picture taken too, so I can relate to your daughter and husband on that one!

    1. LOL! Enjoy the rest of your week! Check you out next Sunday.

  2. How kind you are! And you cook and organize, too! Sounds like a lovely day! ~Linda

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving my blog some luv! Check in next Sunday!