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My Favorite Posts of 2015!

Today, I'm happy to link up with Sarah @ Years That Ask Questions to share with you my top 3 Blog posts on 2015!
I loved linking up with Teaching Trio to share Tech Tips! I'm a tech loving teacher who enjoys discovering new ways to help read my students. This post was one of my first with this link up. Check it out:

This post was one of my Tidy Tip Tuesday posts! I really loved organizing this one and posting things I use in my class.

My other love is shopping, so I really enjoyed blogging with Trendy Teachers sharing with others what I wear to work. This one was fun! 

Thanks for stopping by and if you would like to share your Favorite Post of 2015 link up with Sarah @ Years That Ask Questions!


  1. My tops posts of the year were my Stitch Fix unboxings. I made them all one item on my top 10 posts just to make room for other things. Kovescence of the Mind