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Global Glitter November

This month I'm linking up with Global Glitter to share with you my Global ideas & actions!

Grateful: I'm grateful for good health. I am a young Cancer Survivor who appreciates everyday of pain free living. So happy to see yet another year and share these holidays with family and friends. 

Local: This year we knitted small hats for preemies and donated them to our Grady Hospital for the NICU unit. My son was born at 29 weeks and stayed in NICU for almost 2 months. I'm excited to give back to others especially kids and more importantly provide opportunities for young people to give back as well. 

Organization: I love using tidy tubs. My students sit in groups, and work independently on center activities for 80% of the day. Lots of cutting and pieces of little scraps needed a solution. I bought small garbages "tidy tubs" for each group and the group leader is responsible for emptying the tub at the end of the day. 

KEEP THOSE DESKS CLEAN! I say get rid of the pesky suckers! They are too much of a distraction for many students constantly with hands in their desks and they are an eye sore! Each year, I remove all my desks and request tables. Tables don't move like around like puzzle pieces like those desks. We simply host our belongings in cubbies or shared areas and the problem is solved.

For those of you who use tables taping two file folders together for personal office privacy is great for assessment time.

For those who insist on fighting the good fight. Try zip tying them together or using some kind of Tidy Tub to help keep the trash out of the desks.  You can download my FREE tidy tubs here! Or create a Desk Fairy treat card that surprises the kids with treats anytime of the day, week, or year! I used vista print business cards for my treat cards when I had desks. Something like this one below!
Broad Perspectives: I love for young students to learn the art of a debate. We like to share our opinions in our class. Sometimes the debates are impromptu. Last year my 3rd graders wrote opinion writing about guns or no guns? It was interesting to hear from the mouth of babes their ideas on gun control. 

Artists: Love reading Turkey Trouble and having the students create Turkey disguises! 

Everything Turkey Trouble! Yes One of my favorite books and activities for this time of the season. My class gets to hear a funny story, create home learning projects and share with the class as well as work on persuasive writing! Check out some of my little turkeys.

Let's Chat:I would love to chat about teacher burnout! I've been teaching for 18 years. I need a change. 

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