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Five for Friday!

Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share with you my Five for Friday!

I've been out the loop for a couple of weeks and I've missed the teaching blog community. 
 This Friday I'm so excited to start my weekend off with some great french toast and spuds from Thumbs Up Diner! I am so full right now! Yassssss!

I'm on the Star Wars bandwagon lately! I even got a shirt already, I don't think it comes out until next month but they are really plugging this movie big time. I hope it lives up to all the hype. 

So it's flu time of year again and I always get a little indecisive about taking the flu shot. I have taken it for last two years, but I end up still getting the flu. So I think to myself maybe it would have been worse if I didn't get that shot. But I think I might play Russian Roulette ( lol)  with the shot this year and take my chances. I seem to get it either way. What do y'all think? YES or NO? for Flu shots!

I pride myself on being tidy and keeping a nice clean house. My DH is also very tidy. But this one thing really bugs me. He loves to keep the boxes from gadgets and stuff he buys. His rationale is that he may want to resale in original packaging or something like that. So lately, I've been trying to organize our office and he won't let me throw out these stupid boxes. It is such an eye sore! A neatly stacked eye sore but still one just the same. 
HELP? What should I do? How do I convince him to throw them out?  
Or should I just dump them without his knowing? (LOL)

 I hope this weekend stays nice because I'm so tired of this soccer season! They've extended the season due to bad weather. So I'm hoping for a clear Saturday for this last makeup makeup game to be done.  I'm ready to wrap this sucker up and begin Basketball Season. 
I'm singing the soccer mom blues! NO FREE SATURDAY BLUES!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 

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  1.!!!! Our season went on and on due to rain too, and now our oldest is in the playoffs and my winter soccer club is just starting (I'm on the old lady team, lol). ;) Have fun this week and I hope the weather is GREAT!!


  2. I think the flu shot is definitely worth getting, especially since most insurance covers it! Which reminds me I need to get mine... Have a great weekend!

    Years That Ask Questions

  3. I've gotten the flu shot the last couple of years (last year because I had the flu the previous year over my Christmas break - not fun so I was trying to avoid it and this year because I'm substitute teaching and therefore feel like I'm more prone to getting it). I heard last year they didn't pick great strands of the flu to cover and this season their guesses were a little more accurate? I'm not sure... I definitely don't work in the medical field! BUT, I also live in Canada and my flu shot was free and all I had to do was walk across the street to the pharmacy to get it... so it was super convenient!

  4. OMG I'm like you with clutter and organisation - I'd be quietly getting rid of some, one at a time! LOL. I'm starting on some of our boys' toys before Christmas. GOOD LUCK!