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Tidy Tip Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday and that means I will share with you my Tidy Tip of the Day! Who doesn't love getting organized? Okay... my favorite tip for teachers is to create a system that works for you! It's great to try the cool thing you see on Pinterest or on other teachers' blogs but you must feel comfortable with this system so make it YOURS!

I love color coding my groups stuff and putting numbers on everything. I have always worked at a Title 1 school and provided lots of the supplies for the class, so why not make them match? I would shop during summer break for penny sales and buy enough of the colors I want and add to them from the student school supplies. 

The colors I use help students to identify their groups and organize their materials for each table. This tidy tip cuts down on transition time and makes your classroom look more neat! You can check out the pics below to see how I organized each groups folders with labels and this handy pocket chart from Mardel! That are called filetastics. 

I created this pic with Thinglink a free photo link creator! Thanks Racheal B @ 180 Days to Happy for sharing this tech tip.

 Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my Tidy Tip for Tuesday! What are some of your teacher tips?  

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