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I'm Nuts About Squirrels!

    I'm linking up with Comprehension Connection to share with you my Thematic Thursday ideas about Squirrels and Nuts. I love a good thematic unit. Thanks Carla, for hosting this weekly linky party! I started out at a Pre-Kindergarten teacher teaching thematic units. After later teaching elementary school students I realized students really seem to hold on longer to a concept if you can incorporate it across all content areas. I am a huge fan of thematic units!  This one is about Squirrels and Nuts. 
Check it OUT: 
✔️My list of top 10 books
✔️New Fall Products with nuts and squirrels
✔️My Pinterest Board about Squirrels
✔️A Youtube informational video about Baby Squirrels ( too cute)

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  1. I absolutely love your great post and thank you for linking up! Next week's theme is World Poetry Day, so get your poetry ideas flowing! Lol!