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Tech Tip Tuesday!

Today I'm linking up with Techie Turtle Teacher to share with you my tech tip for the day!

Class Flow is the new interactive lesson delivery system that allows teachers the opportunity to engage students in whole group yet differentiated lessons in real time! Check out this video about ClassFlow! If you're like me, your goal is to engage your students in each lesson. This sometimes becomes a challenge depending on what you may be teaching. ClassFlow allows me to reach all my students. I can create interactive lessons for my class. I can also find and use other teacher created lessons. The instant feedback is one of the best features. You can discover quickly what students know and understand and what you need to continue to teach or reteach. I like to think of learning as an adventure and my students love this way of learning. They are focused and engaged!

Thanks Techie Turtle Teacher for hosting this party & thanks readers for checking out my blog. Please show my blog some luv!

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