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Sunday Scoop

Today I'm linking up with Teaching Trio 
to share with you my Sunday Scoop! 

3 things I have to do: Washing clothes and grocery shopping are just things that I hate to do but HAVE to do! I'm glad I have a teenager that can wash her own clothes. Speaking of teenagers, my daughter turns 15 this week, where did the time go? We spent the weekend shopping and getting our nails done. For her birthday we decided to do something small but I still need to order the cake and make reservations for her favorite dinner spot. Oh and I can't forget the birthday balloons!

2 things I hope to do: I want to get on my TPT product creations this week. Next week hopefully I can share some NEW fall products.  Okay I'm not big lottery player but my husband plays every now and then. I hope we win this week! Fingers Crossed 
1 thing I'm happy to do: Candy Crush relaxes me. I am a gamer and I love this one! I passed a level I was on for weeks and had to do a happy dance. 
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