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Thematic Thursday!

Happy October! I'm linking up with Comprehension Connection  
to share my Thematic Thursday Ideas! 
So because it's fall, I thought it would be nice 
to share my scarecrow & pumpkin themed activities. 

Here are some of the scarecrow & pumpkin pinterest activities I found very interesting. 
Check out my  Themed Pinned Board below!
There is so much you can do with pumpkins and scarecrows ( Science, Math & Writing)
Technology Tips: My students love doing research! I have created several graphic organizers & research hunts they can use while researching various topics on PebbleGo!  They absolutely love these and beg to do more. I print them off at 85% when I copy them they are able to glue them right into their interactive notebooks. This one is FREE! Click the picture link below to visit my page and follow me for more FREEBIES!

Book Recommendations: Some of my favorite pumpkin books! 


Activity Suggestions : My students love anything cut and paste! Students can glue on the life cycle of pumpkin onto colored sentence strips like this. 

Another activity they do around this time of the year is Scarecrow Arrays! They cut out different arrays using graph paper and create Scarecrows. 

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