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My Busy Sunday SCOOP!

Today I'm linking up early because I have lots to do today! I'm excited to link up with Teaching Trio to share with you my Sunday Scoop!

3 Things I have to do ... Today my son is double booked! He has his 1st race at 1:30 and another soccer game at 3:00! I just made all the soccer treat bags because this week just happens to also be my week for treats! Can't forget the most important part of the game. I 'm a proud soccer momma! Check out my bling'd out soccer mom shirt!

Oh and I almost forgot! Those of you who have read my past posts know I was looking for work and landed a job. I start back with a new school so my house is crammed with 18 years of teaching stuff. I know my DH will be happy to get some of it out the way! So I'm packing my car up for Monday. Well after all the sports stuff is done!

2 Things I hope to do ... With a new week back to work, I hope to make time to bake a pound cake for my DH! Every year we bake each other pound cakes for our birthdays! I have to try to out do his this year! This month is packed full of birthdays which means my hips will be packed full of pounds ( lol) oh well! And yeah I wanna plan a little party too for the upcoming weekend! Fingers Crossed it all comes together!

1 Thing I'm always happy to do... Play Candy Crush!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you have a minute link up with Teaching Trio  and share your Sunday Scoop!


  1. Making treat bags is always a fun activity. Yours look great!

    1. Thanks, the kids really enjoyed them!

  2. That meme for Candy Crush!!! lol! I know the feeling well.
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