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Monday Made It!

Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics to share with you my Monday Made It ideas!

Okay these boxes are still in great condition! I made them 3 years ago and still use them to this day. I used cardboard boxes and duct tape of two different colors. I also like to place a label on them. Last year we used them for the different text books. We rarely use textbooks but when they do they have are easily accessible. 

Okay if I have not shared already my love is for laminating and hot gluing stuff. It just looks so much more nicer and finished with the glossy look. This summer I made some passes for the classroom and the kids love to wear them hanging around their neck.  I think they may be a little more sanitary than holding a pass to the bathroom ( yuck!)  Oh I used card stock and my Scotch thermal personal laminator the pocket films are a little stronger than the ones they provide at my school ( $$$). I'm still looking for a great deal on those pockets. If anyone knows where to get them for cheap, please share!  Because they are so expensive to purchase, I don't use it very often but I love it for little projects.

This month my goal has been to become an active blogger and create products for my classroom.  My txt store needs some luv! I really enjoy creating fun and engaging activities for young learners!
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  1. I find that you can get a better deal on the laminating pockets on Amazon than any other store...every once in awhile I catch a sale and add them to my cart right away!