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Five For Friday!

Tonight I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share with you my 5 for Friday!

So I've been a busy little mama lately. I just got into writing posts these last two months and I love it! My husband would probably call it an obsession ( but nobody says anything when he's playing Batman to the wee hours of the night)!

Anyways... I'm surprised I'm just getting into it. I've had a blog for years but it was always used for my students and parents, but this blog community thing for teachers is no joke! I'm so impressed with the teaching blogger community and excited to meet teachers across the nation.

Get your Paul Revere Brochures (HERE)
You may also like this PebbleGo Paul Revere Research Hunt 

Love the kids Bat Research books! To grab your own FREEBIE click (Here)!

Oooh this reminds me, I need to catch up on Walking Dead! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please leave my blog some luv and check out other Five For Friday Blogs @ Doodle Bugs Teaching!


  1. #3 is amazing! What an artist!! And #5, I've seen that before and it's too true!! Sadly, it's my own teenagers at times! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. It's so much fun to connect with other teachers through blogging. There's so many great ideas out there! I love the will do basically anything to wear a funny hat!

  3. Your blog is just too cute. I love it! I love your bat research book!!

    Teaching Autism

  4. I am really hoping that my school will purchase a subscription to Pebble Go Next. I love your Paul Revere brochures and the bat research book.
    Laughter and Consistency