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TECH Tip with Teaching Trio

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio 
I like to think I'm a tech savvy teacher. I can't wait to read some of your blogs and learn 
some more great tricks of the trade. 
Here are some of mine! 
Tip #1. Print directly onto sticky notes!  I use this for student commentary especially in writing

Tip # 2. is a great  site for adding pop to your products or blog. 

Tip #3. online flashcards is a great resource for tech savvy teachers.

Tip # 4. Kakooma.-Students practice hundreds of mental math facts !

Tip #5. text is a great example of a simple tool that can allow your students to show what they know by creating text message conversation on an iPhone.

Tip #6.  This is a cool site for students or teachers that want to add voices to their text! 
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