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  1. I absolutely love to ride roller coasters. 
  2. I could eat pizza every day. Forget all those toppings! I love pepperoni pizza. 
  3. I'm the biggest kid ever. I love playing video games. 
  4. I can't wait to go to bowling! Did I say I absolutely love games? 
  5. I played Basketball since the age of ten-high school, but now I feel so clumsy!

My family is probably so tired of eating these meals, well because I am tired of making them. That being said, every week I cook a pasta dish or two! Spaghetti is definitely one of my go to meals. Shrimp and Broccoli  Linguine is another. Last night I helped my teenager make a remixed version of it and we used the bowties pasta. It was delicious! We have to have one night of tacos or burritos. 

DVR makes my life easier! I can just pause or check out my favorite shows when 
I have the time!

I love teaching writing! It's so exciting to hear the stories my students create and find ways they 
can improve and grow in such a huge way! I also love the creativity of writing. 

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