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Science Madness

Thanks for the Tech Tip This Tuesday Techie Turtle Teacher! It worked. Now I can share cute pins from Pinterest! I wanted to share this great link for Science Raps. Check it out. Although the videos are created more for middle and high school students. I love Science! 

Okay so my Tech Tip for the day is: 
For those of you that don't have photoshop 
try online for free  →
Although I do have Photoshop, I find it difficult 
to maneuver. I really only use Sumopaint to 
resize my images and change them to jpeg. 
But check it out there's probably way more things YOU can do!
If you find some cool things, Please share! 

I also wanted to share my TPT created product for young scientists studying Kinds of Forces!
I absolutely love PebbleGo and so do my students. 

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