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Global Glitter!

I hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday! Today I was blog hoppin' and came across this great linky party. I'm linking up with the Global Glitter Tribe to share with you my Global Glitter!

Lesson I love….  okay, I love any lesson about caring for our environment. I cry when I read The Giving Tree  ( one of my favorite  books)to my class. Last month my 6 year old read it to me and I cried. I also really enjoy The Lorax great book and even better movie! 

One issue I'm passionate about… Okay I’m obviously passionate about the environment but also about kids. It saddens me to see kids fighting and bullying others. I love teaching and discussing ways to get along. We have class meetings each day and discuss the good the bad and the ugly. We also celebrate our accomplishments.

Back to School Must have... post-its! Love leaving little notes for kids , teachers or myself! OfficeMax had the shaped ones on sale for $1
Activity to share… I have been doing these cheers with my classes for over 15 years but they never get old. The kids like coming up with their own cheers and adding to our list of small celebratory cheers. One of my favorite cheers is the mirror cheer. We make a box or “mirror” with our fingers and make m.m.m sounds as we make then together we say “ooh, ahhh looking good” as we fluff or smooth our hair! Please see video I found on  Sweet Sugar Blossoms blog:


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