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Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs

I love chicken minis from Chick fil-A. I've lived in Georgia for almost 20 years and it wasn't until the last 4 or 5 years or so that I actually tried a biscuit from here. I'm from California and well it just seemed strange to have chicken biscuits. Anyhow, I tried it and I'm hooked. I sound like a professional drive thru orderer " #2 -3 count mini meal with a diet Dr.  Pepper please."

What am I going to do with all these books? My mom came over yesterday and looked around my office/library, she said, " I wonder why people have such a hard time throwing away things?" I looked around in disgust feeling like a hoarder on TLC! Okay maybe not this bad but what do y'all think?

Yesterday I posted on FB a beautiful pic of my lovely daughter. Question: When did National Daughter's Day become a highly recognized social event? 

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and I actually created a winter teaching resource! It's called Winter Fun Pack.  Anyone else get tired of fighting with this seasonal rush in stores and just decide to join them? Fingers Crossed that my promotion on TPT works! I'm fairly new to TPT and the paid advertising thing, but it makes sense. We will see! 

I hate Spiders! I look up from typing and see this 8 legged creature. So disgusting one thing I hate about Halloween is spider webs and scary spiders. YUCK! Thanks to my hubby AKA spiderman killer! You saved my life.

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