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Currently September!

I'm linking up with Farley and sharing with you my Currently September! 

Listening - It's past midnight and the house is quiet. I'm the only one up, just the frogs, crickets and I. 
Loving-  I'm loving my kids! I have 2, one boy and girl and they are so good! I love these ages, 6 & 14 are such chill ages. Mommy can actually relax! 
Thinking- I'm still dreaming about my dream vacation. Not sure where that is but I can picture turquoise water, fine white sand, warm weather and lots of spirits!
Wanting- I get late night cravings and I have to talk myself out of eating past 8pm. I heard that it's the worst thing to do especially if trying to lose weight. But the ice-cream is calling my name. 
Needing- It's getting so cold out here, I need to get some new sweaters. Well, I should pull my old ones out of storage, but I'm too lazy. 
3 goals- 
Laugh  More, Love Unconditionally & Enjoy Living My Life!

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