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Back To School Blog Hop

Welcome back to school y'all! I just finished my first week and I'm so pooped. It's nothing like back to school teacher tired. But today I had to pull it together and give a little more to share some cool tips with all of you.  I'm linking up with some amazing edubloggers to share 5 "Tidy Tips" for staying organized this school year. 

TIDY TIP #    - Make a Pencil Cup to host all classroom pencils. You can grab my Pencil Cup Freebie to help you out this school year. This cup will be where all students return their pencils at the end of the day. I like the sharpen pencils that evening before I leave out the door. So I don't have to hear that pesky pencil sharpener in the morning.

TIDY TIP #- Create Tidy Tubs for each table, this will cut down on the extra out of seat movement to and from the classroom trash can. Each table or group has their own "Tidy Tub" and the Tidy Team Captain is responsible for emptying and checking the group after each activity and at the end of the day. You can grab my FREE labels here.
TIDY TIP #  Assign a Tidy Team Captain for the classroom or each table. I like to designate one person per table or group to be in charge of the overall tidiness of the table. You can probably clearly identify those students within the first week of school. They are excited to clean or always keep their areas looking great!

TIDY TIP #- Purchase a bag of wrapped candies, erasers, or other small treats. Attach one to a Tidy Desk card and reward students who keep clean desks. Over the years, I've moved away from having desks so I like to use Tidy Cards for their clean cubbies or caddies. Be creative!  Your class will love this and many will work hard to get the next randomly chosen  "tidy treat cards"!

TIDY TIP #- Make your copies for at least 2 to 3 weeks. I love to make my copies after school when there is not a long line. Be sure to organize your materials and copy away without the dreaded pressure of glaring teachers trying to rush you in the morning before the bell rings! Try using these cute copy clips to help "tidy" your desk or table as you prepare for your big COPY it all day!

So that's it folks! I loving sharing tidy tips to keep teachers organized and ready for the school year. Thanks for stopping and feel free to enter the Amazing Giveaway hosted by Laura @ Create Digital Clipart  & sponsored by myself and 50 other edublogger friends! You have a chance to win a TpT gift card and tons of Resources. 

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How Teachers Relax!

I'm so excited to link up with Laura @ A Grace Filled Classroom and all the other edubloggers to share with you how this teacher recharges and "relaxes" during the summer. 

I love the summer! Not only do I get to spend lots of quality time with my kids! My parents are retired so we've been enjoying lots of weekly summer events together.

Start you Summer Break off with a BANG! Go on a trip. My family went on vacation to Los Cabos the first week the kids got out of school! It was so beautiful! The beach for me is the perfect relaxation place! I feel like the sea recharges my energy!


Spend time with family and friends and do some of the tings that you miss while teaching. I enjoyed going out to lunch during the middle of the day and enjoying taking my time not rushing. We always are so "jelly" at the business workers that come in and have time to eat and drink and be merry during work hours.

Traveling to meet and network with teachers across the world! Attending the TpT conference was an AMAZING experience! I hope that each year I can plan to attend an educators conference. If you want to find out more about my conference experience, check out my blog post:  
TpT Orlando Conference 2016

Work on New Products or update old ones! I spent lots of time this summer trying to strengthen my BRAND! I was all over all social media, but the best advice I think I got from TpT Conference from other sellers, is to work on quality resources for your store. Spend most of your time creating. Although I haven't spent as much as I would've like or planned to, I enjoy the process of creation! I like to relax by creating fun and integrated resources like these,

and I love connecting with other educators. This summer I linked up some great teacherprenuers and hosted a couple of giveaways. Here is one I'm currently hosting to celebrate my BIRTHDAY: Click the image to ENTER and join the party!


Shop great summer deals! I love shopping! I am a self proclaimed shopaholic. I admit I have a little bit of a problem. During the summers I shop for School Supplies. Raise your hand if you're like me, and hit up every Office Depot/Max, Staples, Target, Walmart even Kroger Hunting for great deals! Well I find them. I love the penny sales that Office Depot/Max have every year. They've gotten more strict about the quantity of items you can purchase at one time, but that doesn't stop me from visiting everyday to grab more deals! If interested in saving money for your kids or your students you can check out some of the supply sales and deals I've found here: School Supplies DEALS!

Thanks for stopping by to visit! If you would like to check out some ways other teachers relax, click on the link below. Feel free to visit A Grace Filled Classroom  or link up below to  share how you like to RELAX over the summer.